Cheek Liposuction

Dr. Matarasso specializes in an elegant and natural-looking cheek reduction procedure known as buccal fat pad removal, or buccal fat pad excision. He has pioneered the use of liposuction to sculpt the fat pad, a procedure called buccal lipectomy. This removes fat from the inside of the cheeks to transform chubby or “chipmunk” cheeks into a more defined look like what you see when you drink from a straw. Dr. Matarasso has many years of experience with modifying the buccal fat pad to contour and rejuvenate the mid-face. His publications on buccal fat pad treatment have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals, and he has presented his findings at national and regional medical society meetings. He has also extensively studied and lectured about the indications, anatomy and possible complications of the procedure, such as pseudoherniation of the fat pad.

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