Short-Scar Temporal Lift

In addition to many years of outstanding surgical results, Dr. Matarasso’s textbook chapters, journal articles, letters, reviews, lectures, panel presentations, videos and teaching courses on brow lifting have earned him extensive recognition in the medical community. For more than a decade, he has been sought out to speak about brow lift methods, his preferred techniques, and current trends in forehead and upper facial rejuvenation. He conducted a national plastic surgery survey on brow lifting techniques and complications in 1999 for a combined meeting of the ASPRS/PSEF/American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons. He has been instrumental in assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each browlift method and re-assessing those methods as time passes and new techniques are developed.

Dr. Matarasso specializes in selecting the appropriate brow lift technique for each patient. He has studied the indications, techniques and long-term results of each brow lift method-including traditional/open brow lift (also called rhytidoplasty or forehead-brow rhytidoplasty), closed brow lift, coronal brow lift, endoscopic and endoscopic-assisted brow lift, short-scar temporal lift with tissue glue, and subperiosteal brow and mid-face lift-and discusses the options available to each patient seeking forehead rejuvenation. Using the lateral temporal lift he was instrumental in popularizing, Dr. Matarasso can gently revise the outer eyebrow to create a natural, non-surgical look.

He has also completed substantial research on secondary forehead-brow rhytidoplasty for patients who are not satisfied with the results of their first brow lift. For endoscopically assisted brow lifting, he is an expert in fixation techniques and alternative approaches for Types I-III.

In addition, Dr. Matarasso has developed technical refinements in coronal and endoscopic forehead surgery over the years. His surgical skills are so advanced, in fact, that he has invented his own tools so he can perform brow lifts that live up to his exacting standards. He has created a unique endoscopic brow tray and is developing an endoforehead band.

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