Our Staff

Our on-site staff (we also have a regular OR team and medical consultants) includes highly experienced personnel with decades of plastic surgery involvement.

We have a medical and surgical team that has worked together for years, creating a smooth synergy to the process. Our medical photographer, Don Allen Studios, provides a quiet, private and comfortable setting with flexible arrangements for photography. We have a team of medical physicians who are available to evaluate our patients pre-, intra- and post-operatively, working in conjunction with your private doctors and our anesthesiologists to create a safe environment for surgery. Our practice works closely with a variety of medical specialists including ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, medical specialists, dermatologists, dentists and others to offer complete care to our patients.


Dr. Matarasso works with numerous medical specialists to offer his expertise in plastic surgery. He frequently cooperates with ophthalmologists for eyelid and brow procedures (blepharoplasty, brow lift); with ENTs for allergies, snoring and nasal congestion, and common breathing problems (rhinoplasty with or without sinus surgery); with dermatologists for skin texture and maintenance (BOTOX®, injectable fillers, skin care products); with cosmetic dentists for an attractive smile and rejuvenated lower- and mid-face area; and with anti-aging specialists and naturopaths for nutrition and overall health/lifestyle management.

Rapid-recovery Program

While it is impossible to predict an individual’s response to surgery, most procedures are designed to create a minimal amount of discomfort and bruising and create a natural, un-operated appearance. Dr. Matarasso performs surgery with all internal incisions to minimize scars, and there is no uncomfortable surgical packing.

We offer a rapid-recovery program to help patients regain their vigor and return to work safely and quickly. Patients are able to undergo multiple procedures at one time with this special program. The rapid-recovery program begins with abstaining from certain products and integrating a variety of vitamins, nutritional supplements and homeopathic products. This regimen is designed to reduce swelling and bruising after cosmetic surgery.

The office of Dr. Alan Matarasso supports and provides preceptorship programs.
Please contact receptionist@drmatarasso.com for further details.