Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

As you age, accumulated strains on your skin begin to show. These can result from bad lifestyle habits, sun mutilation, and numerous environmental factors. This mutilation to your skin is in areas that are often left open, including your face and neck. The wrinkles that form therein are a concern for many aging people.

Topping the list of concerns is flabby and wrinkling skin, especially around the neck. Controlling this flabby skin under your chin and neck usually necessitates surgery. These surgical procedures are risky, hence the need for non-surgical procedures. One such procedure is a neck lift. A neck lift is a medical procedure that gets rid of excess fat and loose skin about the jawline.


Reason for Neck Lifts

A neck lift helps your neck and jawline look more youthful than before. It reduces signs of aging and is part of a face-lift.



Neck lifts can be either surgical or non-surgical. Surgical neck lifts have been popular for many years until the introduction of non-surgical neck lifts. The non-surgical neck lift is minimally invasive and is what many aging people now prefer.

A non-surgical neck lift procedure takes a much shorter time, lasting between 30 to 90 minutes. Surgical procedures, on the other hand, may last several hours. Non-surgical procedures have a shorter downtime. Shorter downtime means quicker recovery time that can take just a few days. Because the procedure lasts a short while, the overall risks are few.


Are You a Viable Candidate?

To know if you are a viable candidate for the procedure, you must first seek consultation from a medical professional. During the consultation, they will inquire about your medical history. You can also take this chance to express your ideas on what you want and expect.

Some of the concerns for most people include:

  • Excess fat.
  • Turkey wattle neck.
  • Sagging skin.

Note that one major requirement for all patients is that they must be in good health.


How to Prepare for a Neck Lift

After consulting with your doctor, they will recommend several things to do. Some forms of medications can make the procedure risky, so you may have to stop them. These include blood-thinning medications heparin, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Following your consultation, you may have to stop taking any of these medications many days before your neck lift procedure.

Your doctor may also suggest that you make some lifestyle changes. If you smoke tobacco, you may have to quit the habit before the procedure. This is because smoking encourages wrinkling of your skin. It also slows recovery and healing.



After the procedure, you may notice that the skin around your neck feels tight. The bruising around the area will fade in approximately two weeks. The scars are not visible since they are around the contours of your ears and under the chin. The swelling from the procedure will slowly subside within three months.

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