Candidates for a Breast Lift

Candidates for a Breast Lift

Candidates for a Breast Lift

Ever thought about improving your breasts? Most people have, and the first thing that comes to mind is usually a breast augmentation or boob job. However, this does not have to be the case. A breast lift can give you the ideal breast size, symmetry, shape, and location. For many people, it produces the best results.

What is a Breast Lift?


As you age, your breasts lose their firmness and elasticity. A breast lift is a procedure where the plastic surgeon removes extra skin around your beasts to raise and reshape them. It gives them a firmer, rounder look. A breast lift also reduces the size of your areolas and gives them a balanced look.

It is a highly individual procedure, meaning that your treatment plan may not be similar to that of another. What the surgeon needs to work on during your surgery may be different. A breast lift will also not significantly alter your breast size. However, it will give them a better shape and balance. How do you know if you are a good candidate for the procedure? Here are a few things surgeons consider.

Good Health


The most important consideration is whether you are in good health. It means you have no active diseases since they would interfere with the healing of the wound. Healing would take longer and cause potential complications.

A Non-smoker


Smoking interferes with your immunity and delays healing. It also increases your risk of developing an infection at the wound site. It restricts your body’s ability to absorb and use some nutrients it needs. It also limits and reduces the amount of oxygen in your body. Oxygen is a requirement for speedy and optimal healing.

Your doctor can help you quit before your surgery. Commit to keeping away from smoking during and after the healing process. It will help you get optimal results without complications.

Your Nipples Point Downward


The skin at the bottom of your breasts stretches out as you age. It sags, and the mass of breast tissue pulls the nipple downward. If your nipples seem to point downward, you are a good candidate for a breast lift. It repositions the breast tissue, allowing the nipples to face forward.

Your Nipples Sit Below the Crease Underneath Your Breast


The position could also apply to your areola. You are a good candidate for a breast lift if your areola or nipples sit below the inframammary fold. How do you confirm this? Without a bra, slide a plain sheet of paper underneath your breast. Let it sit underneath the breast crease. Look in the mirror and confirm whether your nipples sit below the top edge of the paper. If they sit below the paper edge, it is a good sign that you need a breast lift.

Your Breasts Are Asymmetrical


In addition to lifting sagging breasts, a breast lift reshapes the breast tissue. Therefore, it can also improve breast symmetry. A surgeon with skills can use a breast lift to give your breasts a more rounded shape.

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