Why Fat Injections Are a Better Alternative to Soft-tissue Filler

Why Fat Injections Are a Better Alternative to Soft-tissue Filler

Why Fat Injections Are a Better Alternative to Soft-tissue Filler

Aging is an inevitable fact that we all must face at one time or another. Still, we do not have to face it as early as our ancestors. We have the technology and innovation to slow down the process of aging. You can maintain youthful looks well into your sixties through some therapies and treatments. 

The most focused part of these therapies and treatments is the face. Facial features share the most information about our age through observation. Because of this, there have been several types of facial treatments. The most common one is dermal fillers. But did you know that you can get natural injections to achieve the same or better results?

Please keep reading to learn about the alternative for dermal fillers and why it is better.

Alternative to Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have been used for a long time and are very effective. However, plastic surgeons are exploring new frontiers by using fat transfer as a more natural alternative. Both dermal fillers and fat transfer are part of the same school. The main difference is that dermal fillers are synthetic. 

What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat grafting is another name for this novel treatment. As the name suggests, fat grafting involves the plastic surgeon using fat from a different part of your body to fix another. Most often, the part needing fixing is the face. 

The plastic surgeon will extract fat using a liposuction procedure. It could be the abdomen, hips, or thighs. Any part of the body that has large fat deposits can be used. The fat is not transferred directly. Rather, it is first purified and then injected into the target areas. 

When Does Fat Transfer Work Best?

Fat transfer gives more natural-looking results than dermal fillers. It has been mainly used for the jowl, sunken cheeks, thinning features, eyelid bags, and loss of facial fullness in many parts of the face. 

Fat transfer adds volume beneath the skin, removes lines, and smoothens the skin. Plastic surgeons may also use them for enhancement procedures. They can contour the jawline, lips, and cheeks. 

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer has other benefits despite being used the same way as other fillers. They are:

  • Integration

Unlike dermal fillers that use synthetic substances, fat transfer is organic. Because it comes from another part of the body, it tends to assimilate faster and more smoothly. It is infused into the existing fat cells, giving longer-lasting results that look more natural.

  • Double-edged Sword

Besides getting rid of facial contours, fat transfer affects the source part of the body. The liposuction procedure may leave that part much less fat. 

  • Safety

Because the fat injections use organic fat, they can be easily injected into any part of the face. Because of this, they can be used as alternatives to treatments like Botox.

  • Rich

The fat cells used in fat transfer therapies and treatments are usually rich in stem cells. These play an important role in restoring the youthfulness of the face. Beyond filling up the contours, fat transfers help rejuvenate the skin naturally.

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