How Long Does a VI Peel Last?

How Long Does a VI Peel Last?

How Long Does a VI Peel Last?

Most people have lustrous, even, and smooth skin during their prime. Unfortunately, your skin will not remain the same as you age. Eventually, you will deal with skin blemishes. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent chronic skin conditions, such as premature aging, uneven skin tone, and acne scarring. 


What Is a VI Peel?

Are you looking for the best way to address skin issues, improve your complexion and skin health? If so, learn more about VI peels. These are medium-depth chemical peels that penetrate the epidermis into the dermis underneath. The treatment uses a skin product trademarked by the Vitality Institute. 

Like other chemical peels, this treatment works by exfoliating the skin to stimulate the production of new proteins. It is very effective at correcting pigmentary issues, improving skin texture, and treating signs of aging. The product used contains several ingredients. These include vitamin C, trichloroacetic acid, tretinoin, salicylic acid, and phenol.



A VI peel is gentle enough to safely use on your face, eyelids, back, chest, and hands. According to the Vitality Institute, it can work on all skin tones and types. However, you should learn everything about this type of chemical peel before you get one, including safety information, how it works, and potential benefits.  


How Does It Work?


A VI peel takes less than one hour and is usually painless. The chemical used contains ingredients to break down the top layer of skin and reveal the healthy layer underneath. The exact procedure may vary slightly, but you can generally expect the following:


  • Cleansing of your skin to remove oil and dead skin

  • Application of the VI solution in two layers

  • Tingling or numbness after the application of the first layer

  • Your skin turns white after the second application

  • Washing off the peel solution after four to six hours

  • Your skin will start peeling about three days later


How Long Does the Peel Last?

Many skincare professionals herald it as the secret to perfect skin. A VI peel works by pulling away dead skin cells to promote the multiplication and emergence of healthy living cells to the surface. The treatment stimulates collagen production. That will result in clearer, healthier, more youthful-looking skin. 

Thanks to more than 50 years of continuous improvement, VI peels are safer and more comfortable than ever. You can achieve exceptional results from just one treatment session, and these effects can last up to four months. You will then require maintenance treatment. However, you can prolong your results by following several aftercare instructions, such as:


  • Stay hydrated to nourish your skin and give it natural plumpness

  • Use a thick, nourishing moisturizer to facilitate healing and give your skin a healthy glow

  • Avoid exfoliants for at least one week after treatment. That means skipping cleansers, toners, and scrubs containing a chemical exfoliant

  • Keep your skin cool by limiting your time outdoors, taking cool showers, and avoiding overexerting yourself during physical activities



Be patient in the days immediately following your treatment. It will take time for your skin to acclimate as new, healthy cells replace damaged ones. Do not expect instant restoration of your softness and youthful glow, but both will happen quickly. 

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