How to Get the Best Surgical Results With a Facelift

How to Get the Best Surgical Results With a Facelift

How to Get the Best Surgical Results With a Facelift

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recognizes how popular surgical facelifts still are despite the rising number of non-surgical procedures. This is because the results of a surgical facelift last longer than those of a non-surgical one. Since you will go under the knife, you need to have an optimal outcome. Here’s what you should know if you want to get the best surgical results with a facelift.

Pick the Best Plastic Surgeon

Do your homework and choose a licensed and highly experienced plastic surgeon to perform your facelift. This is an important factor in the surgery’s success. Use your online capabilities to look for the right plastic surgeon to help you with your specific concern. It is best to find one who specializes in facelift surgery.

Going Through a Facial Assessment

Your specialist will assess your skin damage, volume loss, and facial asymmetries. The data collected will help form your treatment plan. Your plastic surgeon will also see if you will comply with aftercare directives.

Preparing for Surgery

Years of sun exposure, dieting, smoking, and drinking usually result in dry, loose skin. To get the most favorable results, your plastic surgeon will prepare your skin to improve its condition before the surgery. Here are some of the things that could help:

  • Laser treatment.

  • Radiofrequency.

  • Ultrasound.

  • Microdermabrasion.

  • Micro-needling.

  • Chemical peeling.

  • Dermaplaning.

  • Sunblock application.

  • Stopping alcohol drinking and smoking.

Targeting Asymmetry

An experienced plastic surgeon can spot certain asymmetries before and during the facelift surgery. The procedure can treat the small imbalances in position and volume. Once your surgeon corrects them, you will have a revitalized skin and a youthful look.

Correcting Volume Loss

As you age, you experience fat and bone loss on your face. This results in a saggy and deflated look. Your cosmetic surgeon will add more volume to your face through facial fat transfer, facial implant surgery, and filler injections. These treatments will give you a more youthful and natural appearance.

Practicing Good Aftercare

You should do your part in maintaining the improvements long after the procedure. Here’s what you can do to maintain the results of your facelift:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. These two habits prevent the proper oxygenation and healing of tissues. You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol to maintain that youthful glow in your skin.

  • Practice good skincare. Expect some scarring after your facial surgery. Although these scars are hidden, you should protect them from the sun with sunblock. The sun can darken and dehydrate the scars, preventing them from fading properly.

  • Keep healthy. Remember to eat healthily and exercise daily. That way, you can get the proper nutrients that will keep rejuvenating your skin from the inside. With regular exercise, you can improve your blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.


Successful facelift surgery can change your life positively. Make sure to do your part in caring for yourself to get the best results from your procedure. At Alan Matarasso, MD, FACS, we are ready to guide you through your facelift surgery, from pre-surgery to aftercare. Please visit our clinic in New York, NY, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 212-249-7500 if you want to schedule an appointment. We can answer your questions about our facelift surgery packages.