What Happens After a Massive Weight Loss Surgery?

What Happens After a Massive Weight Loss Surgery?

What Happens After a Massive Weight Loss Surgery?

Individuals who lose 100 pounds or more often experience mixed emotions when they review the weight loss results. Unfortunately, drastic weight loss can leave an individual with large folds of excess or loose skin. 

Plastic surgery can remove excess skin, improving the body’s tone and shape. Surgery can improve the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and face. Find out what happens after a massive weight loss surgery. 

Post-weight Loss Issues

Losing a large amount of weight can be life-changing and result in some functional and cosmetic issues. People often lose significant weight after bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and laparoscopic sleeve. 

Others lose weight after a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. Some individuals require body contouring to address the issue of excess skin that usually remains after rapid weight loss. Plastic surgeons use different techniques to reshape the body, removing excess tissue and skin. 

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss 

Several cosmetic procedures can improve the body’s appearance after a massive weight loss. Body contouring can help create a firmer, trimmer shape. Body lift surgery, also known as body contouring, is a procedure that can help improve body shape. 

It is a long-lasting procedure commonly used after a weight loss surgery. Procedures used after losing weight include tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and breast surgery to correct volume loss or sagging. Others are arm-lifts, thigh-lifts, and facial rejuvenation. 


Results of Body Lift Surgery

Body lift surgery can help alter your appearance drastically. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions before removing the sagging, excess skin. Surgery to improve the body after weight loss is permanent or long-lasting if the weight remains stable.

You may experience a loss of firmness over time, but this is a consequence of natural aging. If you are planning to get pregnant, you should wait until after the baby comes before having the procedure. Liposuction can help remove fat and excess skin, improving body contour.


Candidates for Surgery After Weight Loss

To be a good candidate for a body lift or plastic surgery after weight loss surgery, you should:

  • Be in good health.
  • Be a nonsmoker.
  • Have a stable weight.
  • Have realistic goals for the outcome.
  • Be committed to maintaining your current weight.
  • Should be committed to a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and fitness.

Some people continue to experience issues with loose skin after the body lift. They may require follow-up procedures to correct the problem. 


Maintaining the Results 

To maintain the results of weight loss surgery, patients should maintain a steady weight. Optimizing weight before surgery is a significant consideration to qualify for the procedure. It is vital to follow the post-op instructions to ensure proper recovery. With appropriate diet and exercise, the results can be permanent. 

Before getting a cosmetic surgery, it is vital to understand the risks associated with the procedure. They include scarring, infection, hematoma, skin necrosis, pulmonary emboli, and deep venous thrombosis. The surgeon will discuss what you can expect before and after the surgery. Choosing the right plastic surgeon will help ensure that you get the desired results. 

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