What to Expect During Male Breast Reduction

What to Expect During Male Breast Reduction

What to Expect During Male Breast Reduction

Most men who go for reduction mammaplasty have enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. This condition is called gynecomastia, and it causes the man's breasts to stretch and sag the areola. Sometimes, gynecomastia develops only in one breast, and other times in both.

Several things can cause gynecomastia, such as weight gain, hormone changes, disease, or hereditary issues. You can also develop gynecomastia from using drugs like marijuana and anabolic steroids. Usually, surgeons perform this procedure on adult men with fully developed breasts. Teenagers who get this procedure may need other procedures later if their breasts continue to grow.


What Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Also known as gynecomastia surgery, it is a procedure done on men to reduce the size of their breasts. The surgery primarily removes problematic glandular tissues and excess fat in the breasts. The surgery aims to make the chest firmer, flat, and more masculine.


When Should You Consider Breast Reduction?

There is no medical need for the procedure, most men who seek breast reduction do so because of the emotional effects resulting from the appearance of their chest. Most surgeons would recommend other methods of breast reduction before seeking out surgery.

Some ways to reduce breast size include dieting, working out, and stopping the use of drugs. When these fail to work, you can seek out surgical solutions.


What to Know Before Gynecomastia Surgery


  • The surgery will require the surgeon to make incisions, which means scars. Most surgeons will make the incisions so that the natural contours hide them. But some scars may be difficult to hide and will become a part of your appearance.

  • To maintain the outcome of the surgery, you will need to improve your lifestyle. You would need to adjust if you gained gynecomastia through drugs or weight gain. If it was through drugs, you must cease their use altogether. If it is weight gain, you will have to lose weight and maintain a lifestyle of good diets and working out.

  • Insurance may not fully cover gynecomastia, so you may have to pay for the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to inform you of the details of the financial arrangements.

  • If you are a smoker and you want breast reduction surgery, you will need to quit. Smokers are at risk of complications if they get the surgery.


Types of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Two methods are available for male breast reduction: liposuction and excision. 


  • Liposuction

Due to the advancement of liposuction technology, surgeons can now use it in breast reduction procedures. It is a much less invasive procedure than excision, though you still need an experienced surgeon. The procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia or sedation.


  • Excision

Excision for reduction of male breasts is reserved for patients with severe cases. Also, if you have saggy or stretched skin around the breasts, you will need an excision. Excision allows the surgeon to remove more skin or glandular tissue than liposuction.

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