Why Not Understanding Your Skin Type is Keeping You From Having Perfect Skin

Why Not Understanding Your Skin Type is Keeping You From Having Perfect Skin

Why Not Understanding Your Skin Type is Keeping You From Having Perfect Skin


Having a great skincare routine that uses the right products, in the right order, is essential to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Nevertheless, a huge number of people are unaware of their skin type or don’t take it into consideration when it comes to choosing the products that they use on their face. If the products that you choose aren’t right for your skin, not only will they not be as effective, but they could aggravate any skin problems that you are currently experiencing or even create new ones.


If you want to enjoy perfect skin, understanding your skin type is absolutely crucial.


What is my skin type?

Your skin type is normally determined by genetics, but environmental factors and daily habits can also contribute towards the skin that you have. Every skin type has a specific set of characteristics, making it fairly simple to discover which you have.



‘Normal’ skin is what most people aspire to have. It isn’t particularly oily or dry, and if either of these problems occur, they are fairly easy to resolve with the right products. Those with normal skin have small pores, a generally even skin tone with few blemishes and little or no excess shine.



Dry skin is fairly easy to distinguish. If you have dry skin your face will feel tight even if it isn’t necessarily tight to the touch. You may also notice scaling or flaking, but your pores will almost entirely invisible. You may have to stick to certain products to prevent irritation, and you may suffer from premature lines and wrinkles.



Oily skin is also fairly simple to identify as those with this type of skin regularly experience excessive shine and are prone to acne breakouts. Pores may be very visible, and makeup may not last very long as it seems to ‘slide off’ your face rather than staying put during the day. The excess oil can block your pores, causing whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, and papules.



As its name suggests, combination skin occurs when someone has more than one skin type. The most common type of combination skin is characterized by dry, flakiness on the cheeks while the T-Zone, which is the forehead, nose, and chin, is much oilier and prone to breaking out. Unsurprisingly, dealing with combination skin requires multiple products applied carefully on their designated areas.


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin may have characteristics of all of the other types of skin but is also extremely prone to redness and irritation. You may be diagnosed with a specific skin condition such as rosacea, eczema or suffer from allergies. Special care is needed to ensure that sensitive skin isn’t exposed to harsh treatments which could cause it to worsen.


Professional treatments that can help you to achieve perfect skin

In addition to the at-home care that you provide your skin, there are also a number of professional treatments that can help to address any skin issues that you may have, reverse any signs of aging and help you to achieve truly healthy, beautiful skin that you can feel comfortable in.


Laser acne treatment

Acne can affect anyone at any age, and if you are unfortunate to suffer from the condition, it may be having a considerable effect on your confidence. Acne occurs when pores become blocked with dirt and oils, and the severity of a patient’s acne can vary significantly. Although there are products that can help, laser acne treatment has also shown to be extremely effective in helping to combat the condition as well as reducing any scarring that has occurred.



Microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells which are then cleared away using a vacuum. It is not necessarily suited to every skin type, but the treatment is very effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, minor scarring and age spots. It also makes the skin appear smoother and more youthful. It is particularly beneficial in improving the appearance of dry skin, which is more prone to flaking, causing an abundance of dead skin cells on the surface which cause your complexion to appear dull.


Skin rejuvenation treatments

Many skin rejuvenation treatments use a technique known as a photofacial, including the popular elos™ photofacial which combines optical laser energy with BiPolar Radio Frequency energy to eliminate blemishes such as age spots, freckles, broken blood vessels, and redness. The RF energy produces also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping new skin produced to be firmer, smoother and more youthful. This treatment has also been shown to help with skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.




If you would like to learn more about your skin, including which professional treatments could help you to achieve the smooth, clear complexion that you have been dreaming of, our expert team would be delighted to help. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.