Cheek Liposuction

Cheek Liposuction

Cheek Liposuction

Do you feel that you have chubby cheeks that cause your face to lack definition? If so, you may be a good candidate for a natural cheek reduction procedure known as buccal fat pad removal or a buccal lipectomy. However, many people still refer to this procedure as cheek liposuction, such it is liposuction techniques that are used to perform the surgery.

Many people are unaware that it is possible to perform facial liposuction which uses the conventional lipo technique to permanently remove fatty tissue from the cheek area – somewhere that typically doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. Cheek liposuction is gaining popularity amongst those patients who wish to enjoy a more sculpted and defined face.

Dr. Matarasso has many years of experience in modifying the buccal fat pad within the cheeks in order to contour and rejuvenate the middle area of the face, helping patients to feel more satisfied with their appearance.

What happens during cheek liposuction?

The process to perform cheek liposuction is very similar to that of any other liposuction procedure. It is nearly always performed under general anesthetic, meaning that you will not experience any pain nor will you be awake whilst it is being carried out. Once the general anesthetic has taken effect, Dr. Matarasso will make a small incision, usually less than 0.5 of an inch, into your face. This incision will be used to insert the cannula which will be used to remove the fat from your cheek area. First, the cannula will be used to place a small amount of saline into the fatty tissue which will help break it up – something that makes it easier to remove. The cannula will then be attached to a gentle vacuum which will draw the fat out of your face and into a container.

Once complete, the incision will be closed using a couple of small sutures and left to heal. Some swelling and inflammation of the cheek area are normal and to be expected in the first few days after your procedure. However, once these settle, you should be able to see the results of your liposuction. You will be given specific instruction for caring for your incision which will help minimize any scarring. The final result of your cheek liposuction should be a transformation from chubby ‘chipmunk’ cheeks to those that are defined and more akin to what you would see when drinking through a straw, but that remains elegant and natural.

If you would like to find out more about Dr. Matarasso’s pioneering buccal lipectomy/cheek liposuction procedure or to book an appointment to see if you are a suitable candidate for this transformative cosmetic surgery, please get in touch with our offices.

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