Non Surgical Nose

Non Surgical Nose

Non Surgical Nose

Non-Surgical Nasal Correction

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose filler’ procedure is an innovative, new way to transform the appearance of the nose without the need to go under the knife. It can be used to make subtle improvements in the shape and contours of the nose in patients who have not previously had rhinoplasty surgery and to make corrections in noses that may have already been altered through rhinoplasty surgery.

How is non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers performed?

The procedure involves the patient being injected with hyaluronic acid fillers. Fillers work by boosting the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, increasing the volume into the area in which they are injected. This fills crevices, smooths the skin and generally improves the appearance of the nose, dealing with those aspects that cause you to feel concerned about the way that this feature looks.

Hyaluronic fillers are biocompatible which means that they are not harmful to the body and will eventually break down and be removed from your body using the usual processes.

Benefits of a non-surgical nose job using fillers

There is a range of different advantages to choosing a non-surgical nose job using fillers to transform the appearance of this feature. These include the following:

No Anesthesia is Required:

not only will you not need to have a general anesthetic, but the needle used to deliver the fillers into the area around your nose is so fine that even topical anesthetic isn’t required. Most patients report that they feel nothing at all when the injections are administered.

Short Procedure Time:

Most non-surgical rhinoplasties can be performed in a lunch break.

There is no blood loss:

since the procedure is non-surgical, you don’t have to worry about blood loss and other complications that can pose a risk in a conventional, surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Immediate Recovery:

one of the biggest benefits is that there is no downtime associated with the procedure. You can return to your job and your usual activities immediately after your appointment.

How long will it take to see the results of a non-surgical nose job with fillers and how long will they last?

The results of this non-surgical procedure are instant, and you will immediately see a difference in the appearance of your nose. Since our nose doesn’t really move unless we touch it, the results of your non-surgical nose job can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months before further fillers will be required.

Can I expect any side effects from my non-surgical rhinoplasty?

As with any procedure, side effects can occur. The risks are minimal, and most are related to the injection procedure rather than the filler itself which is biocompatible. Typical side-effects related to the administration of the rhinoplasty include redness, tenderness, swelling and bruising around where the injections were given. These should resolve themselves within a couple of days.

If you would like to learn more about non-surgical nose jobs with fillers, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your suitability for this procedure with our experienced surgeon, Dr. Alan Matarasso, please contact our team today at our cosmetic surgery offices in Park Ave, New York.